Beach Rehab Center has been helping their clients since 1993 with proper diagnostics and therepeutic solutions, these therapy testimonials provide a glimpse into the results their satisfied customers have experienced over the past 23 years.

After 4 heart attacks, 2 auto accidents, cancer surgery, 2 hernia surgeries, spinal damage, and many other things, my body just hurt all the time, and I had a constant headache that would not respond to any medication.

These problems were severely affecting my will to live.
I began going to see Polly and Mike at Beach Rehab, and soon my headache began to go away, and my body pain is abating enough so that I am able to do yard work, chores, and enjoy my life a again without having to take 6 aspirin every morning and sleep through the pain all day.
If you hurt, come see them, they will help you.
They helped me when no one else could.

Cathy R. – Santa Ana, California


I was a little apprehensive when I first heard of Beach Rehab.I was in a lot of pain and told myself,”Why not try something new?”
I knew that Mike and Polly were different when they did not tell me to stop doing the things I have enjoyed since my retirement:walking, playing golf,and enjoying life.
I am now able to resume my normal routine with minimal discomfort,thanks to Mike and Polly

Ed Roberstson, CA